MS in Applied and Resource Economics Research Papers


Johanna RetanaEconomic Well Being in Nicaragua: A Food Share Analysis 2001 & 2005June 2009John Bishop
Jens SchubertPortfolio Life Cycle Selection - Theory and ExperimentJune 2006Jamie Kruse


Fang QianEarnings Benefit and Party Membership in Urban ChinaMay 2005John Bishop and Haiyong Liu
Jee HwangReflections of School Quality on the Housing Market: Extending the Definition of Better SchoolsMay 2005Okmyung Bin


Tejashree SayanakDo Low Cost Carriers Provide Low Quality Service?July 2004Nick Rupp
Qi (Kevin) MengThe Effect of Cigarette Prices on Smoking Decision and Intensity in ChinaJune 2004John Bishop
Tuvshintulga BoldExplaining Rise of Barter in Russia: Virtual Economy vs. Monetary IssuesApril 2004Richard Ericson


Jessie MaiAdjusted Gini Coefficients with Quantile RegressionJuly 2003John Bishop
J. Brett JoyalVote Production Functions: An Analysis Of Campaign Expenditures And Election Outcomes In North CarolinaJuly 2003Mark Holmes
Xi (Jane) PanEvaluating Regional Poverty in China With Subjective Equivalence ScalesJuly 2003John Bishop
Junhua YuA Nested Logit Approach to Airline Operations Decision ProcessJune 2003Nick Rupp
Hemant PatilAre Prices Procyclical?: A Disaggregate Level AnalysisJune 2003Randy Parker


Afua Dei-TutuFlood Hazards, Insurance, and House Prices - A Hedonic Property Price AnalysisDecember 2002Okmyung Bin
Brandon PayneEstimating The Risk Premium Of Law Enforcement OfficersNovember 2002Ed Schumacher
Brian TingaThe Relationship between Complementary & Alternative Healthcare versus Traditional HealthcareJuly 2002Marjorie Baldwin
Amy Elizabeth CormanHow Teen Sexual Behavior Responds to Sexually Transmitted Disease RisksJune 2002Jeff DeSimone
Fang WangThe Application of Quantile Regression in Analysis of Gender Earnings Gap in ChinaJune 2002John Bishop
Jingyi ChenDo Financial Market Variables Predict Unemployment Rate Fluctuations?June 2002Phil Rothman
Paul HindsleyFactors Leading to Implementation of Agricultural Best Management Practices on the Neuse River BasinJune 2002John Whitehead


John ThomasIdentifying Targets and Acquirers in Bank MergersDecember 2001Mark Holmes
Brian FieldsEstimating the Value of Major League Baseball PlayersJuly 2001Ed Schumacher
Amy EhrsamManaged Care Penetration and the Earnings of Health Care WorkersJuly 2001Ed Schumacher
Fei GaoThe Incidence and Outcomes of Surgery Among Workers' Compensation Back ClaimsJuly 2001Marjorie Baldwin
Li ZhangThe Impact of Transaction Tax on Stock Markets: Evidence from an emerging marketJuly 2001Dong Li
Shuang ChenThe Effect of Physician Supply on Rural Community Health: 1980-1988July 2001Mark Holmes
Evan GutshallTeen Cocaine and Marijuana Demand in the 1990'sJuly 2001Jeff DeSimone
Darren StillwellAn Out-of Sample Forecasting Analysis of the Granger-causal Relationship Between Fed Policy and Stock ReturnsJuly 2001Phil Rothman
Brad SalinTeen Suicide Attempts in the 1990'sJune 2001Jeff DeSimone
Qing FangChanges In Determinants Of Personal Earnings In People's Republic Of China In 1988 And In 1995May 2001John Bishop
Isaac Baah KwakyeThe Economic Effects of Fish Kills and a Seafood Inspection Program in North CarolinaMay 2001John Whitehead


Michael MacKenzieThe Response of Drug Injection Behavior to Local Heroin Prices and Prevalence of AIDS and HepatitisJuly 2000Jeff DeSimone
Brian SmithPerceived Quality of Public SchoolsJuly 2000Carson Bays
Stokes MaloneAn Investigation of Money Supply Shock Asymmetry Using Disaggregated DataJuly 2000Randy Parker
Bret CreechThe Effect of Cocaine and Heroin Prices and Arrests on Cocaine and Heroin-Related DeathsJuly 2000Jeff DeSimone
Laziz A. KarimovCollecting and Using Labor Force Statistics with an Application to the Amount and Duration of UnemploymentJuly 2000John Bishop
Brandon DunlopThe Effects of SSI and DI on the Employment of the DisabledJuly 2000Mark Holmes
Jeff RinehartLabor Force Participation Responses to the OBRA93 Expansion of the EITCJuly 2000Jeff DeSimone
Yafu ZhaoA Moving Window Analysis of the Granger Causal Relationship Between Money and Stock ReturnsJuly 2000Phil Rothman
Lisa P. ComptonIs There Really a Tradeoff Between Wages and Pension Coverage?July 2000Linda Ghent
ChunWei LaiThe Change of Job Mobility among Workers with Disability in the Early 1990'sJune 2000Ed Schumacher
Patrick SwainThe Earnings and Employment of Health TherapistsJune 2000Ed Schumacher
Genuan GunawardhanaPoverty Trends in Lima after the Conversion from Heterodox to Orthodox PoliciesMay 2000Lester Zeager
Josh OlinickRisk Perceptions, Food Quality, and the Demand for Seafood: A Study from Eastern North CarolinaMay 2000Tim Haab